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  • Contains Bacopa & Phosphatidylserine
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What does Cognizera do?

Cognizera is an all natural nootropic manufactured by a company of the same name. It’s a stand alone product.

It’s marketing claims it can:

  • Aid Concentration
  • Improve Clarity
  • Enhance Memory
  • Boost Focus
  • Lengthen Concentration

But how well does it really work?

In this review, we look closer at Cognizera and find out just how effective it really is.

This is what you need to know:

What you need to know about the Cognizera Stack


Right off the bat:

It’s a proprietary blend – you don’t know how much you’re getting of each ingredient or how effective it will be.

This isn’t a good start, and it makes the noot hard to grade for effectiveness.

Plus they seem to be relying on caffeine to grease the cognitive enhancing cogs here.

Take a look:

The Ingredients

Don’t worry. We’ve summarized them all at the end.



One of the best natural stimulants – but not the best nootropic.

Caffeine is short term energy. You’ll get a burst of focus, but it’s not enough to keep you in the zone throughout the day.

Those energy crashes are killer. It’s a risky choice, especially with it being a proprietary blend.


One of the ‘downer’ noots – but this isn’t a bad thing.

GABA promotes calmer feelings and relaxation. It’s essentially what you need to perform in stressful situations.

The only problem is its reliability. GABA struggles cross the blood-brain barrier for the desired effect.


A good natural choice.

Bacopa leaf is a great option. Equipped to help promote mood, memory and even prevent against cognitive decline.

It’s a core cognitive enhancer to any stack.


An okay choice.

Not so much a cognitive benefit – although it does have some effect – Alpha GPC helps more with power output.

Not great for focus, but if you workout, you might get a slight edge.


Better. Like a more effective GABA.

Promoting focus and relaxation, L-Theanine has been linked to increasing attention span and even your brain’s ability to learn.

It works well with caffeine. It makes the effects last longer, however there’s still a high chance of an energy crash.


Another good choice.

PS has four notable benefits. It can increase focus, mood, memory and even help prevent cognitive decline.

It’s a good all rounder and another essential choice for a stack.


An anti-stressor amino acid.

This is here to contain the caffeine. L-Tyrosine reduces stress which could help counter-act the jittery effects of the caffeine.

It won’t protect you from the energy crash though.


Another good nutrient.

Vinpocetine does 2 main things: memory and blood flow.

It’ll help make you sharper while promoting the all of nootropic stack throughout your system at a faster rate.

Huperzine A

Not the best option.

Huperzine has been seen to help with cognition – but it’s not reliable.

Not only that, studies have shown that it’s easy to build a tolerance to.

It may need to be cycled, but even then there’s a chance it won’t do much.


Quick Overview: Don’t get us wrong. There are some good ingredients in Cognizera – but there’s one major problem.

It’s a proprietary blend.

You don’t know how much you’re getting of each ingredient, or how effective it may be overall.

On top of that, it’s clinging to caffeine as a crutch to improve overall focus – but this can have the downside of an energy crash.

Side Effects

The biggest risk here is the caffeine.

Thanks to the proprietary blend we don’t know how much we’re getting of it here.

This is a big problem. Although it may improve your energy and focus – this will be very short term.

Afterwards there may be an energy crash, which will make it hard to get back in the zone.

We don’t recommend caffeine in your noot stack.

Is there anything better out there than Cognizera?


We’ve done the research, looked at the studies and are more than familiar with the nootropics market – and it’s led us to the best ones on the market.

If you’re looking for nootropics that promote:

  • Attention
  • Mood
  • Creativity
  • Mental Sharpness
  • Maximum Focus
  • Stronger Neuroconnections
  • Overall Clarity and Cognitive Clearness

Then this is the list you need to see.

You can check out the nootropics we think are the best in the link below:

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Cognizera Review Conclusion

On the whole, this is an okay nootropic, but there’s definite room for improvement.

From this review, this is what you need to know about Cognizera:

  • Proprietary Blend: We don’t know how much of each ingredient is being used – or how effective it will be.
  • Caffeine Reliant: Cognizera uses caffeine as a crutch for extra focus – this can cause crashes.

On the whole, it’s a mediocre choice – but for the price you could do a lot better.

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